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Covered Walkway

Features and benefits

  • Overhead protection aesthetically designed
  • Flexibility assembly, for relocating process or quick dismantling
  • Freestanding frames
  • Hot dipped galvanized structure
  • Accommodates fascia for signage or advertising
  • Available in different heights and widths
  • Roof panels also available in transparent acrylique material for natural lighting

Our innovative Covered Walkway modular system is designed to provide outstanding overhead protection around construction sites.  Post assembly RT3 is added to our plywood hoarding post sleeves, its modular characteristics enable creative flexibility during structure assembly.   Steel protective barriers are used to give rigidity to the structure.

The Covered Walkway structures are full engineered are entirely hot dipped galvanized.  A wide range of fascia can be adapted to the top plywood panels to accommodate signage or advertising.

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